issue 14. fiction. plays

December 2017

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interview: Jan Carson, author of Postcard Stories

review: RB Kelly on Waters and the Wild by Jo Zebedee

fiction: S. P. Hannaway. Rose Keating. Peter Hollywood. Réaltán Ní Leannáin. Pauline Rooney. Rachel Sneyd. Reggie Chamberlain-King. Jenny Darmody. Linda Hutchinson. Martin Malone. Theresa Ryder.

plays: Freda Donoghue. Ann-Marie Foster.

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issue 13. fiction. memoir

August 2017

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interview: Gerard Brennan, author of Undercover

review: Claire Savage on The Watch House by Bernie McGill

fiction: Mandy Taggart. Lesley Walsh. Máiréad Casey. Marc de Faoite. Andrew Maguire. Sharon Thompson. Réaltán Ní Leannáin. Simon Henderson. A. Joseph Black. Barbara Lovric. Robert Barrett.

memoir: Brian Kirk. Kathryn O’ Regan. Martin Cromie.

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issue 12. fiction. poetry

April 2017

issue 12 cover

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interview: Claire Savage, author of Magical Masquerade

fiction: Nora Shychuk. Mark Kelleher. Susanne Stich. Seán Kenny. Damhnait Monaghan. Sandra Arnold. Eibhlinn McAleer

poems: Bernadette Gallagher. Eileen Ní Shuilleabháin. Kathryn Reynolds. Amanda Bell. Paul Perry. Siobhan Campbell. Anne Casey. Edward Lee. Alice Kinsella. Colin Hassard. Jo Burns. Mike Gallagher. Lorraine Devlin. Brian Gourley

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issue 11. fiction. essay

December 2016


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interview: DJ McCune, author of the Death & Co. trilogy

essays: Annie Coyle Martin. Marie Walsh.

fiction: Mark Mayes. Cliodhna Walsh. Neil Slevin. Reggie Chamberlain-King. Geraldine McCarthy. Audrey Quinn. Rebecca Spicer. Brian Sheehan. Morna Sullivan. Bernie McQuillan. Jack Sheehan. Dermot O’Sullivan. Alistair Graham.

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issue 10. fiction. plays 

September 2016

iss 10 cover

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interview: Carlo Gébler, author of The Wing Orderly’s Tales

review:  Amos Greig on Vinny’s Wilderness, by Janet Shepperson

plays: James Meredith. Stewart Roche.

fiction: Louise Kennedy. Patrick Holloway. Louise McIvor. Una Mannion. Sean Daly. Kieran Marsh. P Kearney Byrne. Robin Oree. Eileen O’Sullivan. Marie Gethins. Eileen Acheson. Deirdre Kingston.

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issue 9. fiction. memoir

June 2016

 issue 9 cover

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interview: Lucy Caldwell, author of Multitudes

reviews:  Wilma Kenny on Children’s Children, by Jan Carson.

Brian Gourley on The Woman on the Other Side, by Stephanie Conn.

Sandra Coffey on Evidence of Freewheeling, by Trevor Conway.

Kelly Creighton on Echoes, a play by Paula Matthews.

fiction: Jennifer Kerr. Peter Hollywood. Noel King. Disharee Bose. Doreen Duffy. Tanya Farrelly. Bernard O’Rourke. Anne Griffin. Rachel Barber. Caroline Kieran. Colin Dardis. Margaret Cahill. Tony O’Connell.

memoir: Phil Young. James O’Leary. Liz O’Neill.

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issue 8. fiction. poetry

March 2016.

Issue 8 cover

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interview: Donal Ryan, author of The Spinning Heart

review:  Martelle McPartland on The Last Fire, by Helen Harrison

poems: Glen Wilson. Susan Lindsay. Colin Hassard. Fiona Smith. Stephanie Conn. Brian Gourley. Gary Hunter. Chimera Lay. Frederick Johnson.

fiction: Susanne Stich. Paul Anthony Corbett. Mary O’Donnell. Niamh MacCabe. Gareth Fox. Eoin Murphy. Sandra Coffey. Louise Kennedy. Dearbhaile Houston. Patrick Holloway.

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issue 7. fiction. essay.

December 2015.


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interview: Bernie McGill, author of Sleepwalkers

reviews: Kelly Creighton on Sifting, by Mike Mac Domhnaill

Brian Gourley on The House of Small Absences, by Anne-Marie Fyfe

essays: Csilla Toldy. Lucy Sweeney Byrne.

fiction: Tanya Farrelly. Ro McNulty. Brian Kirk. Fiona O’Connor. Marc de Faoite. Anne Hayden. Niall Kitson. Tomás Dearg. Anne O’Leary. Tim Laverty. Peter Jordan. Paul Anthony. Susan Burke Trehy. AJ Black. Dan Malakin.

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issue 6. fiction. plays.

September 2015.

iss6 cover

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art: Craig Carry

interview: Kelly Creighton, author of The Bones of It

reviews: Joanne O’Sullivan on The Good Son, by Paul McVeigh
Claire Savage on The Faerie Thorn & Other Stories, by Jane Talbot
Olive Broderick on Aloysius Tempo, by Jason Johnson.

plays: Alan McMonagle. David Butler.

fiction: Diana DeCesaris Champa. Diarmuid Hickey. Bernie McQuillan. Jona Xhepa. Marie O’Halloran. Gary Hunter. Gareth Fox. Robin Oree. Mark Tuthill. Gerard McKeown. James Claffey. Louise Kennedy. Patricia Browning-O’Shea. Betsy Cornwell. Adam Trodd.

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issue 5. fiction. memoir.

June 2015.

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interview: Paul McVeigh, author of The Good Son

review:  Elizabeth Dass on Love on the Road 2015, edited by Sam Tranum and Lois Kapila

memoir: Susan Lindsay. Anna Foley. Bernie McQuillan. Paula Matthews.

fiction: Sandra Coffey. D.W. Lewis. Valerie Sirr. Schira Lane. Conor O’Toole. Daniel Soule. Noel King. Jessamine O’Connor. Abby Oliveira. Brian Mallaghan. Katie McCabe. Nollaig Rowan. Grace Guy. A Joseph Black. Louise Kennedy.

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issue 4. fiction. poetry.

March 2015.

iss 4 cover

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interview: Danielle McLaughlin, author of Dinosaurs on Other Planets

reviews: Safia Moore on Sleepwalkers, by Bernie McGill

Kelly Creighton on How to Lose Your Home & Save Your Life, by Angela T. Carr

poems: Emma McKervey. Dave McGinn. James O’Leary. Brian Gourley. Jean James. Thomas McColl. Kate Dempsey. Peadar O’Donoghue. Karl Parkinson.

fiction: Cathal McDaid. John Lavin. Sinéad Nolan. David O’Neill. Brian Phelan. Toirdealbhach Ó Lionáird. Csilla Toldy. Claire Hennessy. Emjay Holmes. Brian Mallaghan. Keeley Mansfield. Therese Kieran. Mari Maxwell. Pat Mullan.

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issue 3. fiction. essay.

December 2014.

issue 3 cover (2)

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art: Mia Funk

interview: Michael Nolan, author of The Blame

reviews:  Nessa Collinge on SaltWater, by Lane Ashfeldt

Joanne O’Sullivan on Deadly Confederacies and other stories, by Martin Malone

essays: Christine Murray. Amos Greig. Geraldine O’Kane.

fiction: Sean Garvey. Heather Richardson. Safia Moore. Hilary McGrath. Jason O’Rourke. Marie Gethins. AJ Black. Rebecca Kemp. Fionn Rogan. Phil Young. Lynda Tavakoli. Adam Trodd. Orla McArt.

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issue 2. fiction. plays.

September 2014.

Contemporary new writing from NI and Ireland.

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interview:  Cherry Smyth, author of Test, Orange

reviews:  Jonathan O’Brien on Sinker, by Jason Johnson

Orla McAlinden on Malcolm Orange Disappears, by Jan Carson

plays: Paula Matthews. Jamie Guiney.

fiction: Marie Gethins. Laura Cameron. James Meredith. Aoibheann McCann. Tony O’Connell. Deirdre McClay. David Braziel. Lynda Tavakoli. Paul McCaffrey. D. Joyce-Ahearne. Eve-Marie Power. Chris McLaughlin.

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issue 1. fiction. memoir.

June 2014.

issue 1

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interview: Aileen Armstrong, author of End of Days

reviews: Stefan Totterdell on Not Lost, by Sarah Maria Griffin

Claire Savage on The Shelter of Neighbours, by Éilís Ní Dhuibhne

memoir: Anne Caughey. Dylan Brennan. Paul Anthony. Phil Young.

fiction: Ruth McKee. James Claffey. Clodagh O’Brien. Karl Parkinson. A. Joseph Black. Elaine Donnelly. Nandi Jola. Naomi Elster. Jonathan O’Brien. Sinéad O’Hart. Jan Carson. Ann Field. Eóin Murphy. Amos Greig. Claire Savage.

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We donate a hard copy of each issue to the archive collected by NIPR and kept in Linen Hall Library, Belfast.