issue 2. submission call for issue 3

It's September, which means that you can now read issue 2 of The Incubator. This issue is jam-packed with new Irish writing, featuring an interview of Cherry Smyth by Claire Savage. The reviews are Jonathan O’Brien on Sinker, by Jason Johnson, and Orla McAlinden on Malcolm Orange Disappears, by Jan Carson. Plays are by Paula Matthews and Jamie Guiney. Issue 2 … Continue reading issue 2. submission call for issue 3

Guest Blog: David Braziel

In his poem ‘Heredity’ Tony Harrison answers someone who questions how he became a poet with the wonderful line: “I say I had two uncles, Joe and Harry - one was a stammerer,  the other dumb.” It’s one of those poetic lines that I somehow instinctively feel is deep and full of truth but I … Continue reading Guest Blog: David Braziel